Apply for Scholarships

The scholarships described on our main scholarships page are awarded based on a competitive application process. Eligibility criteria and application procedures for each scholarship are generally the same each year; however, due dates and award amounts may differ, and some scholarships may not be awarded every year. PLEASE NOTE:

  • Do not use your high school issued email address. The Foundation may need to reach you after graduation.
  • Each scholarship has its’ own set of eligibility criteria (such as school you are currently attending, course of study you intend to pursue, etc.). You will need to answer several questions to determine your initial eligibility before you will be able to complete and submit applications.
  • To return to an application in progress, please use the purple button on this page. Do not click on the “Click here to begin application” link; you’ll have to start over!
  • Our online applications work best in the latest versions of: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. We do NOT recommend using the Chrome browser to complete applications.
  • Applications cannot be submitted without all required information and paperwork.
  • If you are using a Mac, please do not upload documents using the .pages file extension.
  • If you experience difficulty with the online application process, please check our FAQs by clicking here or email us at or (518) 446-9638.

Please visit the following pages to view our Scholarship Opportunities: