Options For Giving

Talking To Your Clients About Giving

As a professional advisor, your clients expect you to provide sound counsel about the management and investment of their assets, their tax situation or their estate plan.

You can also help your clients by listening for, and identifying, situations when a charitable gift to the Community Foundation would be in their interest. These include:

  • When year-end tax planning identifies a need for greater tax deductions.
  • When estate planning identifies the possibility of significant estate taxes.
  • If your client is interested in setting up a private charitable foundation.
  • If your client has expressed a passion for helping to meet a specific community need and is ready to make a gift.
  • If your client wants to establish a scholarship for a special interest, but doesn’t know where to begin.
  • If your client owns highly appreciated stock in a company that is about to be acquired.
  • When your client has a private foundation, but needs help with administration and grantmaking.
  • When your client has most of his/her assets tied up in a closely held company and would like to give a gift of stock or business interests.
  • If your client has a substantial IRA and or 401k asset within his/her estate.

Together, you will need to consider the following:

  • When to give: Does your client want to establish a fund to give now or later through deferred gifts, through a bequest or using another planned giving strategy?
  • What to give: There are many types of assets your client might want to use to start a fund.  The Community Foundation accepts most assets.  Please read the Foundation’s Gift Acceptance Policy for clarification.
  • The best way to give: Talk with us about the type of fund that is best to achieve your client’s goals.