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Giving Tools We’re Thankful For

As 2023 comes to a close, generosity is in full swing. Did you know that nonprofits receive nearly half of their donations from individuals in the final quarter of each year? In this spirit of giving, we're sharing some ways donors in

The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region Celebrates Community Foundation Week

Community foundations like ours exist to help address challenging issues and to support the nonprofit workers on the frontlines. We serve as a unifying force for good. From natural disasters like the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene, to the AIDS crisis, to

Raise the Region

The Community Foundation is grateful for the support of our sponsors and honorary as we gathered on September 14 to celebrate the philanthropy of James P. Gold and Jahkeen Hoke.   https://vimeo.com/862486273/b40d4e10ed?share=copy https://vimeo.com/863719049/6bb4dcdcd7