Legal Giving/Estates

Every day you help your clients make choices about how to invest their money.

The Community Foundation wants to help you think about how your clients can invest in their community.  We offer tools to help them to make their philanthropy as personal, meaningful, and fulfilling as possible.

Including the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region in their estate plan is an easy way for your clients to make a significant impact on community needs and to create a legacy that lasts forever.

Giving to the Community Foundation is easy and doesn’t require great wealth.  No matter how much your client gives, their philanthropy will be meaningful when it is aligned with their values, life experiences, interests and desire to have our community thrive.

After ensuring their loved ones have been cared for, your clients can use a variety of assets to make a planned gift and accomplish their family’s financial objectives as well as their charitable goals.

Many donors choose to create a family legacy by establishing a donor advised fund; this option allows children or grandchildren to remain involved in grantmaking in the family name.

Please visit our “Resources for Advisors” page for various documents that may assist you in developing a client’s estate plan.