The Power of Endowment

The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region exists to support our community for generations to come. Through the power of endowed funds and gifts to endowed funds, gifts can continue growing and increasing their impact in perpetuity.

This calculator assumes an annual rate of return of 7%, a grant expenditure of 4% of the average fund value over the most recent five years, and reinvestment of the remainder. This calculator is meant to illustrate the value and power of an endowed fund over time; actual results may vary. Variations may occur based on fund creation date, timing and quantity of annual grants, additional gifts to the fund, or other variables. For the Community Foundation’s most recent returns and other financial information, click here.

Enter An Initial Gift: $

Term in Years
Market Value7.0% Growth Rate
Admin. Fees1.0% Fee Rate
Annual Grants4.0% Gift Rate
Total Grants
Market Value 7.0% Growth Rate
Admin. Fees 1.0% Fee Rate
Annual Grants 4.0% Gift Rate