Inform and Take Action

The best way to move forward during this difficult time is to remain informed. Below is a list of regularly updated resources our team has compiled to help you stay informed of the latest and take action to protect yourself and your families.

New York State and Regional Departments of Health

National Updates


Identify ways you can take action right now. 

  1. Donate to the Capital Region Community COVID-19 Response Fund. Co-Led by the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and the United Way of the Greater Capital Region, The Capital Region Community COVID-19 Response Fund has been established to provide flexible resources to 501c3 organizations in our region working with communities who are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus and the economic consequences of this outbreak. One-time operating grants will help fund organizations that have deep roots in the community and strong experience working with populations are vulnerable. Click here to learn more.
  2. Continue supporting nonprofits you care about most. This is a critical time for so many, including the nonprofit organizations that have benefited from your giving in the past, as well as those organizations that had to cancel their annual fundraising events or depend heavily on public gatherings. Please continue to give to organizations you regularly support, and those that need your help at this crucial time. Now is the time to double down for our community.
  3. Share accurate information from trusted resources. There are misinformation and even scams being shared surrounding the virus causing confusion and frustration. Please share information from trusted sources to ensure our community has the latest news. If you need the latest information and resources for our region, call the United Way’s 211 line.
  4. Volunteer for local organizations. Many nonprofits are seeing increased demands for their services, however, a decrease in the volunteers supporting them. If you are able to, visit the United Way’s United to Volunteer website for volunteer opportunities related to COVID-19.
  5. Contact your Elected Officials. The effects of COVID-19 will be a tremendous impact on our communities, especially nonprofits. We encourage you to reach out to your elected officials and urge them to support nonprofits during this time. You can find example language from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.
  6. Donate needed supplies. If you are a business that uses personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N-95 masks, surgical masks, disposable Nitrile gloves or protective eyewear, please consider donating any supplies to your local hospital, urgent care center, physician’s office, or other health care facility, to help ensure the continued safety of the clinical care team as they fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus.