Fund Advisor Portal

The Community Foundation is pleased to share our new Fund Advisor Portal click here to log in.

The Fund Advisor Portal is a location where you will view your fund statements, grant or scholarship distribution history and recommend grants if you have a donor advised fund.

Please follow the guide below to finalize your access to the Fund Advisor Portal.

For a step-by-step printable guide with pictures please click here.

For a video demonstration please click here.

Establishing Your Password

Community Foundation staff will initiate your online access by sending you an email with a link to set up your password. This email will be sent from “” and will reference “Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region” in the subject line. Please follow the link to this website, where you will set up your new password. Your username (login credential) will be the email address to which the email is sent.

  • Follow the link in your email
  • Set up your new password and record it in a safe place
  • Delete the email – it is only valid for one use

Accessing your Fund Advisor Portal

Nothing will change with how you access your Fund Advisor Portal. You can still log in by navigating to our website: You will find the Fund Advisor Portal button at the top of the page and on the footer of the homepage.

Navigating the Fund Advisor Portal

If you advise multiple funds, you will be presented with a list after your initial log in. Simply select the fund you would like to review to start. Once you select the fund you would like to review, you will be brought to the Home page for that fund.


Allows you to review recent gifts and grants from the selected fund.


Allows you to return to the list of funds that you advise.


Outlines gift history for your selected fund. If your fund receives gifts from a variety of donors, you can find out more details by clicking on their name as long as the donor does not wish to be anonymous. Note the export button on the right will convert the information into an excel file.


Provides grant status and history for your selected fund at the top. Scrolling down provides an itemized list of grants.


Recommend a grant from your donor advised fund in any of these ways:

  • Select an organization to whom you have previously granted
  • Use the “search for other grantees” feature to connect with a complete list of organizations that are certified as 501(c)3 nonprofits with the IRS
  • Manually enter information of your recommended organization


Beginning with your June 2023 statement, your semi-annual statements will be available here. You will also receive a copy via email.


Important documents related to your fund will be archived here.


Provides you with an opportunity to give to your fund(s) as well as a variety of other funds at the Community Foundation. NEW in 2023: We now accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


We encourage you to log out when you are done accessing your fund.


To contact our program team please email Melisa Logan or Shelly Connolly  or call our office at (518) 446-9638.