Karen Bilowith
September 29, 2014

Where We Are, and Where We're Going

Karen Bilowith
Karen Bilowith, President and CEO

Dear friends:

For nearly half a century, the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region has strengthened our community through philanthropy. As the Foundation approaches its’ 50th Anniversary in 2018, the Board of Directors, staff and a special task force of community stakeholders have developed a strategic plan to ensure the Foundation is able to continue making the community better now, and far into the future.

The new plan includes an updated mission and value proposition that will guide the Foundation in continuing to make a positive impact on our community for years to come.

Updated Mission

The mission of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region is to strengthen our community through philanthropy.

We do this in collaboration with donors and community partners who share our vision for community transformation through stewardship of charitable endowments, superior donor services, effective grantmaking, and leadership to address community needs. 

 Value Proposition

The Community Foundation:

  • Possesses unsurpassed community knowledge and provides excellent donor services;
  • Transforms the community through grantmaking, community leadership (convening, leading, participating in community initiatives focused on positive impact) and donor education;
  • Pursues sustainable growth in charitable assets and leverages increased resources for community impact.

The Foundation is committed to utilizing new strategies to bring together donors and community partners who share a vision for collective impact through effective philanthropy.  Our new blog is just one way we are brokering this conversation and linking resources.

The Foundation’s staff, Board of Directors and Strategic Plan Task Force have worked diligently for months to hone in on the goals and objectives that will allow the Foundation to grow our ability to help the community, now and forever. It was an exciting process, and one that helped us take a hard look at our role in the community, and how we work with local philanthropists and organizations. While we’re proud of, and energized by, the results of our careful work, I won’t deny that it’s a lot of information to absorb! If you have thoughts or questions about the Foundation’s new strategic goals, and how you can play a role in our transformative work, I encourage you to contact the Foundation at (518) 446-9638. We’d love to talk with you about where we are, and where we’re going!

Yours in philanthropy,

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Karen Bilowith
President and CEO