November 30, 2020

The Power of Endowment Supports the Day Ahead

Both veterans of World War II, Virginia and Harry Taylor shared a lifelong commitment to service. Virginia served with the US Naval Reserve, putting her nursing background to good use as a member of WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) and Harry served as a member of the US Army in the Pacific Theater.

Following their military commitments, Harry headed back to the Capital Region where he had grown up. Ginny enrolled in classes at Troy Business College where she and Harry met. The two shared 65 years together as husband and wife. Harry and Ginny had many adventures throughout their marriage; Harry often recounted stories from their travels in the RV to all 50 states as well as trips they made abroad. They worked hard but always had time and energy to dedicate to causes that they felt were important. In fact, Harry was still volunteering in his 90s.

Harry and Virginia Taylor

Perhaps it was in having lived through such difficult times in history that Harry, in addition to structuring their fund to support their favorite nonprofits, also earmarked a piece to respond to our region’s changing needs. He understood how quickly circumstances change and that the needs of today may be very different than the needs in the future.

Harry may not have imagined the impact of a pandemic, but his foresight in giving to the Community Impact Fund ensured that the Community Foundation could respond with critical grant funding for food and support for our neighbors at a time when they needed it most. We are grateful for Harry’s thoughtful planning.


The Virginia and Harry Taylor Endowed Fund


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