April 14, 2020

The Creative Impact: Capital Region Artist Fund, presented by numerous community partners, Live Calls for Applicants and Donors

The Creative Impact: Capital Region Artist Fund is presented by Acting with Aaron, Albany Barn, Albany Center Gallery, Arts Center of the Capital Region, Collectiveffort, Creative Action Unlimited, D. Colin, Youth FX, with support by Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and United Way of the Greater Capital Region.

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times due to the detrimental impact of COVID-19, many artists across all disciplines have found themselves without work altogether or with a substantial part of their income gone. Demands for gigs, gallery work, performances, exhibitions, commissioned projects, workshops, and art sales have all rapidly declined over the past couple weeks and for the unforeseeable future. This fund was created to help alleviate some of the financial stress many are enduring. Payments to artists will be in the form of $100 Visa Gift Cards and will continue to be distributed to artists until funds have been depleted. At this time, there is a limit of one payment per artist to ensure fair opportunity for the magnitude of artists in the region. The more that is raised, the more that can be given to artists. If you are wondering what you can do at this time, please give what you can to support artists in financial distress.

An individual artist/creative from the four counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady who is suffering financial losses due to canceled events and projects because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in all disciplines, is invited to apply. (i.e. performances, readings, workshops, gigs, commissioned work, or other like opportunities). Funding and interest dependent, it may expand to include the other counties of the Capital Region as well, in the near future. Proof of address will be requested.

Artists who apply also have the opportunity to sell their art on Albany Barn’s website, and/or participate in Collectiveffort’s TV live stream series.

The applications by artists will be reviewed weekly by members of the application committee (Kristen Holler of Albany Barn, Tony Iadicicco of Albany Center Gallery, Belinda Colón of Arts Center of the Capital Region, and Patrick Harris of Collectiveffort) with payments distributed a few days after approval.

If you are a creative or know of an artist in need and would like to apply, please visit forms.gle/Jx2wsVkocHRQLGj88.

If you would like to donate to the fund to sustain the arts and culture of the region, please visit

Or text “CREATIVEIMPACT” to 91999 to get a link to the contribution page.

Join the FB group: Creative Impact: Capital Region Artist Support Group


Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, John G. Eberle, President & CEO:
“We’re so thankful for our many artists and freelancers who are the heart of our creative industries and wider economy in the Capital Region. You inspire us and make our lives more beautiful, even in times a great pain and challenge. You make us think and feel, make us laugh, help us heal, and remind us to honor and celebrate our shared humanity in everything you do. Thank you brightening every landmark, business, and home.”

Acting with Aaron, Aaron Moore:

“It has been such a pleasure working with fellow creatives to support and help artists in need. The Creative Impact Project shows the awesome power that our community has when we join together. This project is going to impact this community in such a way and I can’t wait to see the outcome. “Art must reflect the times we live in.”

Albany Barn & Electric City Barn, Kristen Holler:
“What makes this project so exciting is that it not only brings together arts patrons to provide straightforward access to funds for artists right now, but it builds infrastructure that artists can use in perpetuity to generate income, without putting the strain of building the system on any one artist. If $100 now can hold someone over while they wait on additional relief, that’s great! But if we help an artist access tools to make a faster pivot to sharing creative work at a distance, that’s a long term win for the artist, and the entire community.”

Albany Center Gallery, Tony Iadicicco:
“The fact that during these hard times a bunch of cool creatives were able to come together and make something uplifting, and financially impactful for the local creative economy really speaks to how deeply rooted artists are in this community. We have each other’s backs because we know how essential art is to the voice of the region” Art uplifts and supports communities in good times, but also during times of struggle— like now with COVID19. The Creative Impact Project is the result of local creatives and arts organizations coming together through collaboration and thoughtful partnership to support individual artists by raising funds to get them paid.”

The Arts Center of the Capital Region: Belinda Colón:
“Community collaboration and partnership in supporting our arts community is reason enough to get involved in this project. All of the arts organizations and individuals involved have a common goal, to share, create and support opportunities in the arts within our upstate, capital region community. I’m thrilled to work with this group and to place all of our resources together as one to support our arts community in every way possible.”

CE, Patrick Harris Jr:
“The best thing about this project is that it’s reflective of who we are as a community — a bunch of folks who make an effort to care for one another. Often, people confuse Love for just kind words and forget that it’s also hard work. This group is a reminder of that lesson. We are putting in the work it takes to really be there for people.”

Creative Action Unlimited, Michael Kennedy:
“I’m happy to be able to support this project at a time when so many of our local artists are facing financial, artistic and emotional uncertainty. Creative Action Unlimited is committed to collaboration and we are honored to be working with such a committed and talented group for the sake of our larger community.”

D. Colin:
“For me, this project is about hope coupled with action and in such uncertain times, what better way to inspire and sustain hope than through art. Artists regularly feed our spirits and this gives all of us an opportunity to show our support and appreciation in return. I’m excited to see the impact and the incredible art that comes from this necessary collaboration.”

United Way GCR, Peter Gannon, President & CEO:
“Galleries remains shuttered and venues are closed for the health and well-being of everyone in our community,” This fund will provide direct support to the individuals who fill these spaces with their work and we are happy to play a small part of giving back to the people who give us so much.”

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