December 08, 2015

Tell Grand Street Community Arts What You Think!

From our friends at Grand Street Community Arts:

Grand Street Community Arts is in a period of transformation. In the coming year, we will begin to design new program space in our building, and will move our first new program–WCAA–back in to the renovated St. Anthony’s. At the same time, our strongest program–YouthFX–will become an independent organization. We are reassessing everything as we focus our mission and work to rapidly expand our capacity so that we can save our building and turn it into a resource for the South End, the City of Albany and the Capital Region. We need your help to do this.

In this period of transformation, we want to know what you think and how you feel. We are conducting a Stakeholder Inquiry between December 1st and January 21st, reaching out to stakeholders in the City of Albany and throughout the Capital Region. We are inquiring about the role that Grand Street Community Arts could play in the Capital Region; about programs and values that we should prioritize (or let go of); about mistakes of the past that we should avoid repeating; about future opportunities that we should seize; about partnerships that we should deepen.

Click here to learn more and schedule an interview to share your thoughts!