November 27, 2014

Stuffing the Turkey and Ourselves: Holiday Consumption and Philanthropy

30501_RecipeImage_620x413_easy_brined_turkeyFrom Bruce DeBosky and the Planned Giving Design Center:

As Thanksgiving approaches, most Americans plan to gather with family and friends. For many of us, the upcoming holidays are a wonderful and highly anticipated time to connect with loved ones, express our gratitude for the abundance in our lives and indulge in excess — both in what we eat and drink, and in what we buy.

Collectively, Americans will spend $616 billion dollars on often unnecessary and sometimes even unwanted “stuff” for family and friends. In fact, research shows that 70 percent of Americans would welcome less emphasis on gift-giving and spending. …

There are thoughtful alternatives to holiday overconsumption.

What if, instead of walking away from the Thanksgiving table this year uncomfortably stuffed, we consciously cooked, ate and wasted less — and donated the difference to charity?

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