December 22, 2014

Strategic Giving: 5 Steps to Getting the Most Bang for Your Philanthropic Buck

2539029180_45e10fced2This post comes to us from Bruce DeBoskey and the Denver Post:

During the holiday season, our mailboxes are overflowing with catalogs, holiday cards — and requests for donations. Our voice message boxes are not much farther behind.

At this time of year, when people are feeling particularly generous, nonprofits work hard to raise needed funds for the upcoming year. Although critically important to nonprofit budgets, most year-end giving is transactional rather than transformational. Givers give one time — devoid of strategy — and nonprofits receive a one-time donation. Next holiday season, the whole process starts over.

Donors who wish to truly maximize the impact of their giving must develop a strategic rather than a random approach to philanthropy. As with any important decision — investment, business or personal — a thoughtful longer-term strategy enables you to determine what you want to achieve and how to do so effectively.

Following these five key steps will help you get the most “bang” for your philanthropic buck.

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