May 16, 2016

So, You Think You Don't Benefit Directly from Nonprofits…

We loved this piece on how the work of nonprofit organizations benefits us all, indirectly AND directly. From NonprofitWith…:

If you or anyone you love have an illness, there’s probably a nonprofit working hard to find the cure. If you love someone of a different race or the same sex or gender, there have been and still are nonprofits fighting for your rights to be in the same room or use the same water fountains. If you have a company and you hire people, you probably benefited from nonprofits’ work because many of us support young people to graduate from school and to reach their potential. If you’re happy that your favorite political candidate got elected, there were probably nonprofits educating people about voting and other civic duties.

Click here to continue reading on NonprofitWith…’s website. Enjoyed this piece? Vu Le, creator of NonprofitWith…, writer, speaker, vegan, Pisces, and the Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps, will be a keynote speaker at the New York Council of Nonprofit’s Camp Finance (Oct. 6-7). Click here to learn more and register!