November 18, 2019

Partners with a Passion for Their Community

Jim & Cheryl Gold

Jim and Cheryl Gold met during their studies at the Cooperstown Graduate Program of the New York State Historical Association and State University College at Oneonta in the mid-1960’s. A native of Southern California, Cheryl would say it was the cold upstate winter that brought them together. They married in 1968. Theirs was  a partnership of equals. When Jim and Cheryl started working for New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the New York Historic Site System was in its infancy, offering many opportunities for them to put their talents to work. From Fort Niagara near Buffalo, to Planting Fields on Long Island, to Schuyler Mansion in Albany, New York’s history and its historic sites are richer through the work of Jim and Cheryl.

The Golds moved to Saratoga Springs in 1981 and bought a former Victorian boarding house which they took pride in rehabilitating. They appreciated the City’s architecture and rich history and immersed themselves in the community. In 1987, they jumped on the chance to purchase an 1897 dilapidated carriage house. Together, they lovingly adapted the former stable just off North Broadway to a beautiful home with magnificent garden spaces, which they took joy in creating and tending.

Jim Gold and Samantha Bosshart, ED, Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation at the Spirit of Life statue, Congress Park.


Though they both had busy careers, they never shied away from a new challenge or project, and they found time to dedicate to nonprofits whose missions matched their interests. Closely involved as donors and volunteers for Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, the Saratoga Springs Public Library, Saratoga PLAN, and Agricultural Stewardship Association, they have given back in ways that were meaningful and lasting.

After retirement, the Golds began to thoughtfully plan how they would use their time and their resources. They had been fortunate, and they wanted to see the organizations they loved so much continue to prosper. In 2012, the couple chose to bequeath a portion of their estate to establish the James P. and Cheryl M. Designated Fund. This fund will provide support for the causes they care most about in perpetuity.

Jim would be the first to say that he “lived a wonderful life as a partner” with his late wife Cheryl, who passed away in 2016. Together, they worked hard, seized opportunities to engage with their community and benefitted from occasional runs of good luck. “It is important to me, and it was to Cheryl, to know that our support will continue our work long after we are gone.”

Jim Gold—Always one to be active, Jim enjoys supporting Pitney Meadows.


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