September 27, 2016

Nonprofit Resource: NYS Nonprofit Coordination Unit Website

New York State has launched an interactive online gateway aimed at making it easier for nonprofit organizations to work with state government. From the NYS Nonprofit Coordination Unit website:

New York State has the nation’s largest nonprofit sector, and nonprofit organizations touch the lives of almost every New Yorker. In recognition of how important the sector is to the State, Governor Cuomo created the Nonprofit Coordination Unit in 2014 to enhance the relationship between New York State government and nonprofit organizations. The Unit is housed within the New York State Division of Budget and works collaboratively with all State agencies that have contracts or funding agreements with nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Coordination Unit works to address issues that are of importance to the State’s nonprofit sector and ensure that nonprofits are providing the best level of service to residents.

Areas listed on the website include starting a nonprofit, searching for and applying for NYS grants, NYS initiatives for nonprofits, and more. Click here to visit the NYS Nonprofit Coordination Unit website now.