November 18, 2019

Make Your Own Scholarship Celebrates 20 Years!

Phyllis (Philly) Dake believed in the power of higher education and making it accessible. It was through her personal generosity that she created the Make Your Own Scholarship program in 1999. Philly chose the phrase Make Your Own Scholarship to emphasize that although these funds provide an opportunity, true learning only occurs when students apply themselves and discover the keys to make their own education.

In 2009, the Phyllis E. Dake Make Your Own Scholarship Fund joined the Community Foundation. The Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to facilitate this educational resource available for the family of Stewart’s employees. It is an honor to be a part of Philly Dake’s legacy and her commitment to empowering our community through education.

Since 2009, the Foundation has helped Stewart’s distribute 1,427 scholarship awards totaling more than $3.4 million!

What will your legacy be?