April 14, 2016

How Parents Can Support College Students

From OnlineColleges.net comes an excellent set of resources for parents/caregivers helping young adults navigate the complicated world of college admissions and paying for school.

Transitioning from high school to college is an exciting and empowering experience. While some high school graduates delay attending college, about two thirds of attendees are still considered “traditional” college students, enrolling immediately after their senior year of high school. Students in this demographic are usually just beginning to assert their independence, while remaining partially dependent on their parents as they test their new freedoms. They may still live at home over the summers, or rely on their parents to help pay for school.

Though parents usually share in the excitement of this adventure, they must also understand the transitional nature of this time in their role as parents. While your son or daughter seeks the independence of living away from home, they may simultaneously ask for your council as they encounter real-world responsibilities for the first time.

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