November 18, 2019

Honoring a Legacy

Myra and Joseph Patanian Endowed Scholarship

In 1994, the board of the Latham Chamber of Commerce (now Colonie Chamber) chose to honor the founder and local small business owner, Joseph Patanian by establishing a scholarship in his name at the Community Foundation.

Myra and Joseph worked hard, raised a family and gave back to their community in many ways. Joseph built the business, Myra tended to their four children. At the age of 29, Myra returned to high school to finish her degree and then went on to complete a nursing degree from the College of Saint Rose.

The Patanian Scholarship Fund meant so much to Joseph and Myra. “My parents may have done it the hard way, but they never gave up on achieving their goals,” shared the Patanians’ daughter Dennise Davis. Myra added a little to the fund each month over the last 20 years of her life.

Through the scholarship, the Patanians have helped to support 31 students from Shaker High School further their education.

What will your legacy be?