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September 26, 2014

From the Business Review: Why this BofA exec thinks a board seat is so much more than a resume builder

Cathy Bessant
Bank of America Global Technology and Operations Executive Cathy Bessant
Courtesy: Bank of America

From the Business Review: Everyone is an equal player on a corporate board. Forget the hierarchies that exist in a corporate setting. In the boardroom, everyone is free to speak his or her mind.

It’s a unique position. Sitting on a board puts you at the same table as your peers to strategize and discuss long-term issues. You’re not talking about promotions, paychecks or management. You’re guiding an organization through complex, high-stakes situations and transitions.

Bank of America exec Cathy Bessant says participating in that world has made her a more skillful director at the table and leader at the bank.

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