October 25, 2022

We've complied some crucial financial aid information for students headed to college in 2023!

The FAFSA for 2022-23 is officially open and for seniors in high school, this may be a daunting task. But it’s way easier than you may think even as an independent student. Using this introductory information, you’ll have FAFSA tips and tricks in your pocket to smoothen your college transition and help you in the long run.

Here are some tips about the FAFSA that may help you:

    1. First – ask for help! If you are struggling to find a supportive adult at home you can ask a trusted adult like your school counselor, teacher, coach, or other school staff member to help you finish your application. It’s OK to ask more than one for help!
    2. You don’t need to know which school you’ll attend to submit your FAFSA. All you need is your acceptance letters to submit the form. When you do select a school, they’ll create a financial aid package based on the application.
    3. If you receive any aid or services at home such as food assistance, you qualify to have your applications fees WAIVED! This can be a huge barrier for some. Before you submit and pay, check to see if you qualify.
    4. To receive merit scholarships (like the ones provided at CFGCR), you must have a FAFSA application submitted, even if you don’t qualify for aid.
    5. If you are currently in foster care and/or do not have a supportive adult financially sponsoring your college or trade school journey, you have options! Fill your application as a financially independent student and apply for the Educational Opportunity Program at your selected schools so you can receive the most aid possible. Make sure to include housing in your application! Sometimes our parents or families are not joining this journey, and that is OK. This journey is for YOU!

With scholarship season is right around the corner, you should fill out the FAFSA form as soon as you can! Hopefully, these FAFSA tips will help you, too. Learn more about the FAFSA process on their website by viewing this graphic and complete your FAFSA on their website at Federal Student Aid.

However, you can contact Maryika at mstubbs@cfgcr.org OR 518-446-9638 if you need assistance from a supportive adult, have questions, or inquiries about the scholarship or FAFSA process. You can also review our list of scholarships here.