November 16, 2021

What is a Community Foundation?


The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region Celebrates Community Foundation Week

Community foundations like ours exist to help address challenging issues and to support the nonprofit workers on the frontlines. We serve as a unifying force for good.

From natural disasters like the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene, to the AIDS crisis, to the once-in-a-generation pandemic, your community foundation has been a leader and supporter of solutions that are vital to our region.

It has been nearly two years since the first COVID cases began to impact our area. During this time, the Community Foundation worked to deploy resources for COVID relief and convened leaders to address equity issues throughout the region. In our 53-year history, the Community Foundation has distributed more than $100 million in grants and scholarships through funds created here. Since March 2020 the Foundation has distributed more than $16 million in grants and scholarships, including $1.1 million in immediate relief.

This story, along with the countless others like it, demonstrates the importance of U.S. community foundations, which are uniquely situated to improve the places they call home by enacting innovative solutions and creating powerful partnerships. From November 12-18, we celebrate Community Foundation Week, a time when we can share and reflect on stories of local impact and human connection. Though you may not yet know us, you’ve likely felt our collective impact.

That is because the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and more than 750 other community foundations across the country help to bring donors together. In a way that few other institutions can, community foundations work to support the efforts that will help the places we call home continue to flourish and grow.

As we enter the giving season, millions of people from every background will be looking to give back to the communities that have supported them. They also look to ensure that their heartfelt giving—however they choose to give—will have the most impact. That is why so many choose to give to a community foundation.

A gift to your local community foundation is an investment in the future. We like to say that community foundations are “here for good.” At our Foundation we don’t think about the next election or business cycle, we think about the next generation and the generation after that.

At the heart of our work are the thoughtful and generous people, families and businesses that partner with us to maximize their impact. We are stronger when we work together.