The Niskayuna Community Foundation is a geographic fund of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region.

Geographic Funds

The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region has two geographic funds:  The Niskayuna Community Foundation (NCF) and the Bethlehem Central Community Foundation (BCCF).  As geographic funds, the NCF and the BCCF enjoy all the advantages of a traditional community foundation, but few of the major administrative burdens.  They enjoy the independence of separate volunteer Boards of Directors and their own endowment, scholarship, and operating funds; at the same time, they tap the resources and administrative and investment expertise of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region.  This advantageous partnership allows NCF and BCCF volunteers to spend their time and energy on enhancing their local communities, today and for all time.

The Bethlehem Central Community Foundation:

The goal of Bethlehem Central Community Foundation (BCCF) is to enrich the overall educational process of the Bethlehem Central School District by funding programs and capital projects that are not traditionally funded through local tax dollars or other public resources reflected in the annual school budget.

BCCF board member and former BC School Board president, James Lytle, summarized the BCCF: “What has made the Bethlehem community special is now at risk because of the real financial challenges the district will face in an era of property tax caps and diminished state and federal support for its mission. I became part of the BCCF because with the support of the community, it offers an opportunity to preserve and enhance the educational programs in the Bethlehem Central School District.”

The BCCF offers competitive grants to BC teachers, staff, and administrators.  More information about BCCF can be found at

The Niskayuna Community Foundation:

The mission of The Niskayuna Community Foundation (NCF) is to enhance the quality of life in Niskayuna through organized philanthropy. The NCF will:

  • Distribute grants to such fields as arts and culture, education, health, recreation, environment, and human services.
  • Offer flexible, cost-effective giving opportunities for donors.
  • Act as an enduring resource to augment community programs and initiatives.

For more information on the Niskayuna Community Foundation, please visit