The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region proudly serves as lead convener for the Capital Region Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Partnership.

Community Leadership

As part of our mission, the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital provides leadership to address community needs by engaging a broad array of residents in philanthropy and supporting the nonprofit sector through a variety of initiatives.  We are delighted to work with many individuals and organizations to help them meet their charitable goals and, in turn, help nonprofit organizations carry on their good work.

We are dedicated to facilitating and promoting a culture of philanthropy in our region, no matter what form that philanthropy may take:

  • We offer a variety of opportunities for private foundations to partner with us toward our common goal of strengthening the community.
  • We work with local schools and districts to provide a vehicle with which they can raise funds to support programs and projects in their communities.
  • We encourage local nonprofit agencies to plan for the future by establishing endowments.
The Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE):

The Community Foundation is proud to stand with many valued partners in the Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE). ACE’s goals are to celebrate creativity, enhance urban identity, encourage public-private partnerships, and to drive economic development through the region’s creative assets. For more information and a full list of partners, visit

The Capital Region Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) Partnership:

The Capital Region partnership, officially formed in October 2017, is one of more than 30 cities nationwide working with the national Green & Healthy Homes Initiative. The partnership brings together the cities of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, various nonprofit service providers and GHHI to deliver housing intervention programs for Capital Region residents living in energy-inefficient, unhealthy, and unsafe homes.

The regional GHHI partnership will focus on:

  • Better health outcomes for children, seniors and families.
  • More efficient use of public investment through improved interagency and municipal coordination.
  • Improved energy-efficiency for low- and middle- income families.
  • Higher quality green jobs.
  • Reduced barriers to school attendance and work among families with young children.
  • Support for neighborhood stabilization through more effective and sustainable home investments

The Capital Region GHHI partnership is generously supported by the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, the Schenectady Foundation, KeyBank, MVP Health Care, and National Grid.