February 11, 2020

Community Indicators Website Launched

Using Data to Inform Action in the Greater Capital Region


The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and Capital Region Chamber are thrilled to announce the launch of the Community Indicators website. This new, user-friendly resource features dynamic data visualizations which allows community members to easily explore data and trends impacting communities in the Great Capital Region. The website is intended to spur discussion about and facilitate a better understanding of changes in our communities’ well-being over time and serve as a key resource for data needed by non-profits, businesses, and government agencies.

The website is a joint initiative among the Capital Region Chamber, Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC), The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) and the University at Albany’s Advanced Visualization and Informatics Lab (AVAIL), which custom-built the platform. The site will be maintained by CDRPC.  The website includes profiles for the four-county and eight-county Capital Region area, each individual county, and each city, town, and village within those counties. Each profile includes roughly 50 demographic and other indicators that are categorized under Economy, Transportation, Housing, Education, Health and Social Welfare. Profiles pages feature data visualizations and the ability to compare data over time and across geographies.

In addition, the platform features a mapping interface that allows users to explore data geographically down to the census tract and block group levels. Using the best available information, the website serves as a common source for data and interactive visualizations that will inform community members on critical topics related to the economic and social health, as well as the progress of our region.

Please visit www.capitalregionindicators.org today!