March 30, 2016

Business & Community Service: Good for Everyone!

We loved this “Ask the Expert” feature on business and community service from our friends at the Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce:

George E. LaMarche III, Esq. is an attorney and founding member of LaMarche Safranko Law, PLLC. His legal practice is focused on personal injury litigation and criminal defense. An exercise enthusiast, he has developed a distinct practice area representing pedestrians, runners and bicyclists who are injured as a result of the negligence of others ( He is active in the Chamber and The Leadership Institute, as well as many charitable and community-based organizations.

Q: Why should a professional make time for community involvement?
A: Whether it’s local government, board service or volunteer work, community involvement allows us to give back to our communities in meaningful and positive ways. We should support those causes that we are most passionate about. If we do something that we love and care about, it is a win for ourselves and the community. Investing in the community translates into unexpected benefits and our communities thrive when its members are invested.

Q: Should I encourage my employees?
A: Inviting employees to join in helps to develop a sense of community within the work place and friendships that support a healthy work environment. But it’s also important to support causes that are meaningful to employees. In that regard, it reinforces the importance of employees and the value they bring to the organization.

Q: What lessons have your learned from your community service?
A: There are truly amazing people in this world. Not only the people who give, who have such kind and generous hearts, but those who receive, who have such a tremendous spirit, and who, in the face of great challenges, are so inspiring. Every individual has their own talents, gifts and something to offer. Everyone should give back; it is vitally important to our community.