February 03, 2015

Being a Philanthropist Without Money

2015-01-21-generouswithoutmoney2015copy-thumbFrom the Huffington Post:

People say philanthropy is only for the rich. This is a lie.

When anyone gives anything with good heart, he or she becomes a philanthropist — a conduit and a catalyst for love.

Thanks to Google, I found an article from 1940 by Corinne Updegraff Wells. She gave a great example of “philanthropy without money.”

Writing for The Rotarian, Wells tells the story of “Mrs. B” who gave her neighbor, a gift of “48 Tuesday afternoons.”

Once a week, except in August when she was away, Mrs. B. took the place of this mother [of three], who could not afford help and so had little opportunity for recreation. She darned stockings, told stories and played games with the youngsters, while the mother had a gloriously free afternoon.

Darning socks may sound old-fashioned, but trusted childcare remains a remarkable — and potentially transforming — gift to frazzled parents.

So, if you think you have nothing to give, think again.

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