Charles M. Liddle, III


Charles M. Liddle III (left) has been at the forefront of philanthropy in the Capital Region for decades.  As Chairman of Austin & Company, Inc., an Albany insurance agency, Chuck was involved with numerous local community organizations as a volunteer and donor, and he continues to support these organizations today.  "A designated fund at the Community Foundation is the simplest way to ensure ongoing support for all of the organizations I care about," he explains.  "Through the establishment of one fund, which will be financed with part of my IRA and other charitable instruments when I die, I'm making sure the issues and agencies I care about will receive annual gifts from me, forever."

Working with his estate planner and Community Foundation staff, Chuck set up his fund to make annual distributions to six of his favorite charities.  As an endowment fund, the principal will be invested, and each year a portion of the income earned will be divided among the charities according to the percentages Chuck designated in his fund agreement.