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Community Impact Funds are ideal for people who want to give back to the community. You can support the Community Foundation's grantmaking through a Discretionary Fund, or create a fund to support a particular area of charitable interest that reflects your personal values and passions.  Our Board and staff (or, in certain cases, a grants committee you nominate) match your charitable dollars with programs and organizations that best meet the goals of your Fund. After we make each grant, in the name of your Fund, we carefully monitor the results.  You can rely on the Community Foundation match your charitable funds with effective organizations.

The Community Foundation has identified six broad areas of importance to our community: 

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Improvement
  • Education & Technology
  • The Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Human Services

You can choose one of these broad categories, a particular need within a category, or identify another area of need that's important to you.  Maybe you're more interested in a particular geographic area - a local city or county, for example - rather than an issue; in that case, you can choose to structure your Community Impact Fund to support a range of charitable activities in that particular region. 

A Community Impact Fund is an ideal way to leave a legacy or memorialize a loved one. Call the Foundation today at (518) 446-9638 to learn more.




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All funds listed below are current as of May 2016

Discretionary Funds - Our most versatile and responsive funds, these are not earmarked for any particular purpose; rather, they allow the Foundation to meet the most pressing local needs and provide leadership to other nonprofit organizations.

  • Sara Huntington Catlin Memorial Fund
  • Community Impact Fund
  • Neil and Jane Golub Unrestricted Fund
  • Hollis E. and Elizabeth H. Harrington Fund
  • James P. Heron Memorial Fund
  • Immediate Grants Fund
  • Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan Fund
  • Neil and Jane Golub Unrestricted Fund of the Niskayuna Community Foundation
  • Sylvester E. Labanowski Fund
  • Michael Urbach Memorial Fund
  • Nancy and Austin Woodward Fund
  • Harry Yates Fund



Capacity-Building Initiative

  • Sara Huntington Catlin Memorial Fund
  • Hollis E. and Elizabeth H. Harrington Fund


  • Ruth E. Curtiss Hearing & Sight Impaired Fund
  • Marjorie Rockwell Fund for the Disabled

Education & Technology

  • Bender Scientific Fund
  • Children's Fund
  • Donna B. McKean Memorial Fund
  • Arnold Cogswell Health Care Fund
  • Ruth E. Curtiss Hearing & Sight Impaired Fund
  • John Faunce & Alicia Tracy Roach Fund
  • Richard Tenenini Fund for Mental Health Recovery


  • Homes for the Homeless Fund
  • Wallace Whitney Sanderson Memorial Fund for the Homeless

 At-Risk Youth

  • Children's Fund